✝️ Oh no, Harry Potter is super evil 🤣

Should Christians burn Harry Potter?

Guess what?

It’s Harry Potter Book Day!

Confession: I’ve only read the 1st and the 6th Harry Potter books.

The first book was part of a class assignment. On a whim, I read the sixth book before the movie was released. I loved it. But as a consequence, I hated the movie for its failure to live up to the book.

That was the last time I read a book before watching the movie.

Christians vs Harry Potter… what’s the deal?

When the little wizard became popular, some Christians who took issue with the magical plot. Some still do today.

So I turned to my trusty ChatGPT and asked, “Why do some Christians dislike Harry Potter?”

It responded like Negan from The Walking Dead.

Well, well, well, isn’t this a topic? Now see, some folks, Christian or otherwise, they take one look at little Harry Potter with his wand and wizard hat, and they think it's all hocus pocus, an abomination even. It's supernatural, it's magic, it's the dark arts - that jazz just doesn’t vibe with their beliefs.

They believe their big man up there is the only one supposed to wield powers. It's all about what you think magic stands for - just a fantasy narrative or some gateway to the netherworld.

But, I tell you what, that little kid with his fancy wand has got some serious balls. Going against scary snake-face Tommy boy. Serious guts, I tell ya. Now wouldn’t you wanna teach your kids to be brave like that?

NeganGPT is dead on.

Some Christians feel that the Potterverse promotes real-life witchcraft and sorcery. These activities are prohibited in the Bible. So should we round up our Potter books and chuck them in a bonfire?


It’s easy to imagine a fictional world where a spell is a thing as operative as a lock or a gun. Therefore, unleashing STUPEFY on a murderer is perfectly moral. When Hermione utters “Wingardium Leviosa,” she isn’t engaging in the forbidden occult practices of the Bible. The concept of “witchcraft” in Harry Potter vastly differs from the “witchcraft” we see in Scripture.

Otherwise, we should also consider boycotting beloved series like Narnia and Lord of the Rings. It's somewhat ironic that the same group doesn't level similar criticisms against these series.

Food for thought: J.K. Rowling says she believes in God. She regularly attends a church that says Jesus is “the Son of God, the second person of the Trinity, the savior, and redeemer of humanity, the Word of God who was made flesh and dwelt among us in the world.”

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