✝️ Mental Health vs The Bible

Tips for mental health and well-being

Today is Mental Health Awareness Day.

Since the pandemic, the search for self-care and mental health grew 30%. The trend came as people sought new ways to interact and fill the void caused by isolation.

Let’s see what people are saying massively improved their mental health! Here are the top 3 responses on Reddit, and how it lines up with the Bible.

1. “Sleep” 

Starting off strong! Who would’ve thought sleep helped with mental health? It’s like God made us to rest. Jesus must’ve been rejuvenating His mental health when He napped through that storm in a boat in Matthew 8.

2. “Realizing I’m not responsible for others’ feelings.”

Right on! Sure, we’re to be gentle and compassionate. But Scripture tells us we’re responsible for how we treat others, not how they respond (Eph 4). If anything, the Bible tells us we’re responsible for our own emotional self control.

3. “Knowing it’s okay to leave some people behind.”

How’s this one square up with Scripture? Incredibly well, depending on why you’re ditching that toxic friend of yours. In fact, Paul tells us not to even eat with people given to sexual immorality, greed, idolatry, and so forth (1 Cor 5).

The Bible is practical for mental health.

It’s almost like obeying God has a positive impact on our mental state.

The Bible present itself as tips for mental health and wellbeing. But operating within Biblical parameters means enjoying life as God designed us to live. That, my friend, is the best thing we can do for our mental health.