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Is TikTok about to blow?! Prepare to say your sweet goodbyes to those dance challenges and lip-sync shenanigans. Congress is swinging a heavy ban-hammer that might just send TikTok to its doom.

Good thing is, you don’t need TikTok. If you’re gonna doom scroll, you might as well do it in the Bible app. Or in an upcoming Bible game? Find out more at the bottom of this newsletter!

Let’s dive in.

She Supports Abortion

Olivia Rodrigo GIF by Recording Academy / GRAMMYs
Hey, have you heard of Olivia Rodrigo?
Olivia who now?
She's a star from Disney. Now a pop singer, blew up with a song called "Drivers License."
Can't say I've heard that jingle.
She announced that she's giving a portion of tour proceeds to abortion groups.
Giving cash for that, huh? How much we talking?
Didn't say *how much*, but it's from her world tour ticket sales. Calls it the "Fund 4 Good."
"Fund 4 Good"? Pretty bold name for something so divisive.
Yep. It’s targeting organizations that focus on abortion, among other things. She's partnering with the National Network of Abortion Funds in North America.
So, it’s not just her, then. She’s getting her fans in on this too?
Exactly. She’s got this table at her concerts where fans can learn more.
Even partnered with specific groups like Access Reproductive Justice in California.
How far is she taking this?
Across 22 states, DC, and even internationally - places like Canada, UK, Germany. Ends in California, August 17.
International, too… She's really spreading her views far and wide.
Yeah, and it’s stirring up quite the conversation. Some, like Anna Lulis from Students for Life, are pushing back hard.
What's her take?
She says pro-life is about children being born alive, not "forcing women to give birth."
Makes sense. As Scripture says, "For you formed my inward parts, you knitted me together in my mother's womb." Psalm 139:13.
Life’s sacred, from the start.
Yeah. It’s tough seeing it boiled down to concert sales and slogans.
True. But light always shines through, no matter the darkness. We keep advocating for every life, with compassion and truth.

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You’re Being Monitored

Bohemian Rhapsody Car GIF by Hollywood Suite
Hey, heard about cars ratting on drivers to insurance companies?
Like snitches on wheels? What's the deal?
Yeah, New York Times found carmakers like GM & Honda share driving data without clear consent.
Don't sit right with me. How's it work?
Connected cars track how you drive. Speeding, hard braking... Data goes to insurance via brokers like LexisNexis.
Folks consent to this?
Kinda. It's often in the fine print or they don't know it's shared with 3rd parties.
Any backlash?
Yep. Some drivers found insurance doubled. Now, California's investigating, and the FTC's getting nudged too.
This LexisNexis, they making bank off folks' driving?
Absolutely. They create risk scores from the data.
Madness. Knowing everything but where you're headed.
Pretty much. Oh, and Mozilla says cars have the worst privacy policies. Worse than Google Nest!
World's gone topsy-turvy. What's safe anymore?
Hard to say.
You know, Titus 1 says a qualification for elders is that they must be above reproach.
Does this mean all elders have to stay within the speed limit from now on since they're being watched while driving? 🤣
Let's take that one to our pastor!

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Let’s wrap today’s newsletter with a good ol’ quote:

Human beings judge one another by their external actions. God judges them by their moral choices.

- C.S. Lewis

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