✝️ Transgender CEO in Woman’s Charity?

Trump vs DeSantis vs Haley

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Today, we’re covering…

  • Transgender CEO in Woman’s Charity?

  • Trump vs DeSantis vs Haley

  • Scalping Electric Chariots

Transgender CEO in Woman’s Charity?

Hey, what's this news about a new CEO at a women's health charity?
You haven't heard? Endometriosis South Coast appointing Steph Richards, a trans woman, as CEO.
Oh… what are people saying?
Many believe it's a disregard for women with endometriosis. Feminist groups are calling it an insult, saying the charity avoids the term "women" while accepting a trans woman as "woman."
That does sound controversial. What are your thoughts?
Well, Jesus taught love and dignity for every individual. In the Bible, every person is seen as made in the image of God. Yet, we also uphold truth. Sex and gender are designed by God.
How do we respond?
With grace and truth. Advocate for those suffering, ensure they feel seen. But also, engage humbly about the reality of sex and gender. Love doesn't erase truth, nor does truth negate love. It's a delicate balance.
I see. It’s about empathizing with everyone involved while staying rooted in Biblical perspective.
Exactly. We must remember we’re called to love our neighbor while also speaking truth in love. Let’s pray for wisdom and for the women affected by endometriosis.

Trump vs DeSantis vs Haley

Yo, got a sec to discuss the GOP race? Looks like Trump's leading the pack with a few others trailing.
Sure thing. It's certainly an interesting field. What's caught your eye?
Well, Scott's out, as is Pence. Field’s thinning, and Trump's holding a strong line. Thoughts?
The path is getting clearer. DeSantis and Haley are in contention for the second spot. The real test is coming up in Iowa.
Seems like Trump's a shoo-in for Iowa, at least that's what the smart folks say. Got double-digit leads.
Indeed. Yet, DeSantis has just scored Reynolds' endorsement; it's impactful. Haley is using her resources smartly too.
The big game seems to hinge on those early states. Haley and DeSantis are duking it out for second. Could shake things up.
Agreed. DeSantis appeals to evangelicals, which could be his ace in Iowa.
And Haley's battling it out in Iowa and New Hampshire, right?
Precisely. Her debate performances seem to resonate well there.
What’s your Biblical take on this circus?
Proverbs 16:33. “The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the Lord.” The outcome's in His hands.
Word. Leaders are chosen by God. We watch and pray for His will to be done. Thanks for the chat, brother.
Always a blessing. Let's keep our leaders in prayer, regardless of politics. Peace to you.

Scalping Electric Chariots

Imagine this: you've been waiting for your very own electric chariot, the Tesla Cybertruck. Then, lo and behold, Tesla unveils a new policy! They slapped a lawsuit of $50,000 or more on eager owners who dare to sell this modern ark within its first year. It's as if they were saying, "Thou shalt not part with thy Cybertruck without our blessing."

Yet, in the blink of an eye, Tesla changed course, removing the clause.

Biblical Perspective: In the saga of Tesla's resale restrictions, we find a subtle reminder: Profit isn't inherently sinful, but as Scripture warns, the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. Thus, our dealings, even with treasures like the Cybertruck, should be marked by wisdom (1 Timothy 6:10).

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