✝️ Steve Jobs' email to himself

Some of his final thoughts

Steve Jobs was one of the rare men who shaped the world in incredible ways. Below is an email released by his widow, Laurene Powell.

Steve Jobs’ dependence on others struck full force as his pancreatic cancer grew fatal. He passed on October 5, 2011, about a year after he sent this to himself.

Reflecting on Steve Jobs

“We told him it wasn’t finished, but he was pissed. He took the prototype, threw it against the wall, and told us to make it work.”

That was my colleague recollecting his experience with Steve Jobs at Apple. It’s no secret that Jobs motivated others with attitude. That attitude got him to the epitome of worldly success.

Then he died.

That’s when the vanity of life hit me like a bus.

While his life’s work touched so many other lives, we are all fated by our dying bodies. Jobs took none of his material success with him beyond the grave. And neither will we.

This is why the gospel matters.

Jesus touched our lives with His own. In the end, He also died. The difference is that beyond the grave, He is taking us with Him to the Father.