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Science for Biblical Record

Alright, my God-loving friends! Looks like NYC’s in a bit of a mess with kids getting booted out of school. On the bright side, some brainy buffs have gone all detective using magnetic tech.

Curious? Read on!

School Overtaken

Kid, you heard about NYC turning James Madison high School into a shelter for illegal immigrants?
No way, seriously?
Yeah. They uprooted the whole student body for it.
That must be rough for the families. Why'd they do it?
Storm safety for the migrants. They were in tents. But Adams, the mayor, says they'll move 'em out quick.
And the students?
Remote learning again. Imagine that. Parents are stressed. DeSantis calls it putting Americans last.
I can see why folks would be upset. Education's important.
You bet. Some parents, especially single moms, need their kids in school so they can work.
How are New Yorkers reacting to it??
DeSantis claims even the liberal voters want change.
We need wisdom to balance compassion with order. Proverbs 24:3– "By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established."
Right on. Let's pray for wisdom across the board.

Burned Evidence for the Bible

Tell es-Safi, Israel.|Wikimedia Commons/Bukvoed

Guess what? Israeli researchers used this cool magnetic tech to verify a Biblical event!
Really? Which event are we talking about?
The destruction of Gath by King Hazael, it’s in 2 Kings.
Magnetic fields in bricks revealed how hot the fires were.
Gath? That's interesting! How does that work?
They found burnt bricks made in a massive fire, just like in the conquest of Gath.
So, they actually found evidence of the event as described in the Bible?
Yes! It’s like detective work with ancient bricks. It supports the biblical account archaeologically.
What about those bricks makes them special?
Sun-dried bricks usually have a random magnetic orientation, but if they're fired, they align with Earth's magnetic field.
Magnetic orientation? That's rather clever. How did they figure out the firing temperature?
They reheated the bricks to decipher the original firing temp. Turns out, it was consistent with a huge fire, not a kiln.
That's fascinating. It's like they're uncovering a real-life historical mystery!
Exactly! It adds a layer of history to the Bible stories.
This must have implications for understanding other events and locations, too, right?
Absolutely. It's a game-changer for biblical archaeology. It even disproves some old assumptions about brick-making.
Discoveries like this can encourage those who look for harmony between science and faith.

Quick Bible trivia before we close out this email: Proverbs 17:22 states, "A cheerful heart is good medicine." It is now recognized that laughter and positive emotions can have various health benefits, including boosting the immune system and reducing stress levels.

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