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The day’s coming when my little firecracker of a son is going to run through the playground dropping the biggest truth bomb ever - that Santa is fake news. That big beard and all his flying reindeer and elves. Imagine the chaos and the look on the children’s faces. 😲 

Let’s dive into this newsletter and unwrap the goodies I’ve packed for you. No Chimney required.

  • #RIPDoctorWho

  • Teen hostages freed, but parents are gone

  • Biden Admin vs Christian Foster Parents


David Tennant GIF by Doctor Who
Just so you know, #RIPDoctorWho is trending like the world's ending.
Doctor Who… isn't that your favorite time-travel show?
Was, pal. They resurrected my favorite actor Tennant, but saddled him with woke lecture script!
Really? What'd they have him do?
Bro, he's awkwardly grilling some fuzzy alien about pronouns. They've even got a 15 year old trans kid who's chopped off the goods. Thought that didn't happen so young?
Was the storytelling any good?
The writing's so bad that fans are slamming it left and right. Hence the hashtag funeral.
Is the backlash all about politics?
Nah. Take Captain Jack, he was cool and just happened to be gay. Everyone loved the bloke. Now the show's a political shill with zero substance.
How are the pundits spinning it?
Same old. One piece's blaming negative reviews on bigotry against the trans plot line. As if piss-poor storytelling isn't reason enough.
They shoved the woke agenda so hard that even people from the trans community are rioting.
Sounds like the show missed the mark. Still, we should voice our honest critique, remembering "Let all that you do be done in love" (1 Cor 16:14). Our words can be firm yet kind.

Teen hostages freed, but parents are gone

Noam and Alma Or, two teenage siblings, were released from a 50-day Hamas captivity in Gaza, only to face the heartbreak of learning that their mother had been killed in the attacks on their community. Their mother was among the over 120 residents murdered by Hamas militants in Be’eri kibbutz on October 7. Tragically, the children were unaware of her death throughout their ordeal. Their father remains missing, believed to be still held captive.

The siblings' captivity was part of a wave of violence in which over 1,200 people in southern Israel were killed by Hamas. While conditions of their captivity were not elaborated upon, their uncle described it as "horrible." Since their release under a negotiated truce between Hamas and Israel, the focus is now on the teenagers' recovery and the emotional trauma they have to process, the extent of which remains deeply concerning for their family.

Biblical Perspective: In the words of Jesus, "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted" (Matthew 5:4). The journey for Noam and Alma is not just one of physical liberation but also of spiritual and emotional healing. As they are embraced by their remaining family and community, may they experience the deep peace and comfort that comes from God, transcending the pain and loss of this world.

Biden Admin vs Christian Foster Parents

Hey Joan, got some concerning news. The Biden admin's pushing a new rule that says foster families must use a child's chosen pronouns and support their self-identified gender identity.
Seriously? That's the hill they're dying on?
We've been looking to become a foster family. This is really worrying.
So much for religious freedom. What's the plan?
Nineteen GOP AGs are fighting back. They say it’s unconstitutional and will reduce foster homes.
A worthy fight. Christians are crucial to the foster care system.
It would strain a system that's already struggling. Less homes, more kids left out.
Irony at its finest. Pushing help away instead of welcoming it.
Exactly. And we're called to care for orphans, right? This makes it tougher.
Yeah, they're messing with a Christ-led calling. Not cool.
I just fear for the little ones who need a home filled with love.
Your care is spot on. "We love because He first loved us." (1 John 4:19) Let's trust in His plan.
Amen, sister. Thank you for that. We'll definitely keep praying on this.
Always. Faith and love will see us through, even when the world seems upside-down.

Free stuff?!

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Looks like there’s been a whole lotta talk about gender lately, both in entertainment and family life. We’re gonna keep things more lighthearted tomorrow with a church meme comic. Deal?

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