✝️ Re-elect Putin?

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  • The startup graveyard

  • Re-elect Putin?

The startup graveyard

Arnold Schwarzenegger Thumbs Up GIF by Karla Delakidd
The startup world's a mess.
How so?
More than 3,200 of them have tanked, wasting billions. Even companies like Spotify sacked over a thousand jobs. They're dropping like flies!
What's the cause?
Crazy interest rates, maybe? Investors are shy now, unless it's AI. That's where the money's flowing.
True. I did hear that Nvidia is funding AI startups with significant profits from their own AI ventures.
Nvidia's playing it smart, huh? Betting on the future tech.
They're not just betting, they're nurturing these startups with resources and expertise through NVentures.
Seems they're turning a bad scene good for some. Got to hand it to them.
They're embodying the wisdom of stewardship—you use what's given to you to create abundance. As it's said in Proverbs 21:5, "The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance." Nvidia is diligently investing not just for profit, but for progress.
There's a takeaway—one's got to maximize what they've got.
Just hope all this AI stuff doesn't plunge us into a Skynet scenario!

Re-elect Putin?

Russian GIF
Well, tough news, my friend. Looks like Putin's not easing up on the nuclear chatter after announcing his re-election bid.
Concerning indeed. One can only pray for wisdom and restraint on all sides.
The dude's raising stakes, showing off new subs with big bad missiles. It's a high stakes poker game and he's the dealer.
Guess we don't know which cards he'll play, huh?
Nope. Time's ticking on that New START treaty. It’s the last safety net, and it's got an expiration date.
Seeing such international tension is a stark reminder that our hope shouldn't rest in treaties alone, but in seeking peace that surpasses all understanding.
Right on. There’s talk in the winds of a new arms race. Not about quantity, but the tech behind the nukes. Buckle up, it's gonna be a rough ride.
Indeed, a race to nowhere beneficial.
Guess we'll keep an eye on this, see how it all plays out.
Yes, vigilance is key. Let's commit to pray for our leaders, that wisdom and peace will prevail over power and turmoil.

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