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Christian Super Bowl Winner

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Happy Valentine’s Eve! I’m nomming on some delicious chocolate. Incredibly good chocolate that I could have given to my lovely wife. But I told her that God’s love is enough for her.

In excitement, she told me I could have the couch all to myself! She must really love God. I have the best wife ever.

Let’s catch up with some news.

  • Christian Super Bowl Winner

  • Murderer in Joel Osteen’s Church

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Christian Super Bowl Winner

Patrick Mahomes Showtime GIF by Kansas City Chiefs
Patrick Mahomes credited God for the Chiefs' Super Bowl win, facing adversity all season.
What adversity?
They struggled offensively but overcame a 10-point deficit against the 49ers.
Incredible resilience. How does faith come into play here?
Mahomes is a Christian. He believes God challenged them, making them stronger. "He challenged us to make us better," he said.
So, it's not just physical strength but spiritual growth he's attributing to their victory?
Exactly. It's about persevering through trials, recognizing growth opportunities in them. Mahomes sees his faith as integral in every aspect of life.
It's inspiring to see someone in such a spotlight use it to speak about their faith and challenges positively.
I can see how Christians might find inspiration in this. It illustrates faith under pressure and triumph through perseverance. And he's unashamed about it, too!
Mahomes's leadership and faith, amidst adversity, are commendable. A true example of embodying one's beliefs.
I'm gonna keep working to be just as unashamed. "For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes." Romans 1:16

Murderer in Joel Osteen’s Church

Source: houston Police Department

Tough news from Houston. There was a shooting at Lakewood Church.
Oh no, that's horrific. Were people hurt?
Yes, a 7-year-old, brought by the shooter, is fighting for his life. And a 57-year-old man was also shot, but he's out of the hospital.
That's devastating. Who did this?
The shooter, Genesse Moreno, a woman with a troubled mental history, opened fire in the church.
Mental illness is so complex and tragic.
Moreno was also know to use the name Jeffrey Escalante. Looks like a gender identity crisis.
She seems to have had an antisemitic motive, stemming from a family feud.
Antisemitism is tragic. Scripture teaches love for our neighbor, regardless of their background.
Yep, and the AR-15 Moreno used had a "Palestine" sticker. Some political motive?
Very sad when conflicts escalate to violence. Prayers for clarity and justice are needed.
Chief Finner's calling for prayers, especially for the kid. Whole community's shaken.
I can't imagine the pain. We should remember Romans 12:15 – "Weep with those who weep."
Right on. Healing starts with us being the light in this dark time. Wanna hop on a call to pray?
Yup. Calling now.

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Let’s wrap up with a quote from Tim Keller.

You don’t fall into love. You commit to it. Love says, “I will be there no matter what.”

- Tim Keller, 1950-2023

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