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  • Mariah Carey Gets Sued for Christmas

  • Bobby Knight Gets 900 Wins in 83 Years

Mariah Carey Gets Sued for Christmas

It’s a war on Christmas cheer as Mariah Carey gets slapped (again) with a lawsuit! Songwriter Vince Vance claims that her snow-topped mega-hit “All I Want for Christmas is You” was swiped from his 1989 tune of the same name.

The plaintiff’s legal counsel is the powerful Gerard P. Fox, a cunning attorney who reached a confidential settlement with Taylor Swift. Will Mariah Carey reign victorious in this legal snow fight?

Biblical perspective: Time to deploy James 1:19 here. Instead of being quick to speak and quick to anger, we’ll slow down and see how the court case plays out. It’s weird that Mariah Carey’s authorship is doubted by her own co-writer, and it’s sus that Vince Vance dropped a previous lawsuit against her for the same accusations.

Bobby Knight Gets 900 Wins in 83 Years

chair throw GIF

Giphy - Bobby Knight throws chair

Legendary Hall of Famer, Bobby Knight, passes away at 83 years. Known for a tough disciplined approach, dubbed “the General,” Knight clocked in over 900 wins in his career.

His hard-nosed coaching courted controversy, earning him fans and critics in equal measure. Various achievements are accompanied by his viral blow-ups that gained him a savage reputation. An undeniably impactful figure in college basketball, Bobby Knight leaves behind a legacy that won’t be forgotten.

Biblical perspective: Setting aside the lack of self-control, Knight’s fiery zeal and relentless obsession for excellence is a prime example of dedication. 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 tells us that we should strive for discipline and race for an imperishable prize.

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