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Is illegal preaching okay?

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Hey faithful flock! Last week you all took a Sunday School quiz. The results?

Where did Moses snag those stone-cold commandments? Mount Sinai would be the correct answer! So what happened on Mount Ararat? My friend, that’s where the big fat ark landed. On to today’s news:

  • LGBTQ+ Burnout

  • Illegal Preaching

  • Moses’ Mountain

LGBTQ+ Burnout

A teen, Dylan Brewer, faces a felony for vandalizing an LGBTQ+ intersection.
Dang, what did he do?
He did a burnout on it, leaving tire marks on the colorful road.
How's the community responding?
There’s a fundraiser for his legal defense, raised over $28K. Tim Pool donated $10K.
That's a lot! Is this seen as political?
Yes. Some claim the felony charge is to punish him for his political views.
What about consequences for his actions?
Pool says a simple fine or cleanup makes sense, but not a felony.
Brewer's vandalism was dumb, but the punishment seems disproportionate.
Right on.
Ideally, justice guides us closer to reconciliation, not deeper division.
Agreed. It requires discernment to navigate these societal tensions.
Maybe consider Romans 12:18: "If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all."
Amen to that! Seems people on both sides need to hear this passage.

Illegal Preaching

Did you hear about Flinchum & Boone in India?
No, what happened?
They were fined for allegedly preaching while on tourist visas.
But that's their right, isn't it?
In India, it’s a violation. They were at a Baptist hospital.
Were they actually preaching?
Their host denies it. Just attended an inauguration at their hospital.
So no actual proof of conversion activities?
Exactly. But they were still fined $500 each.
That seems unfair.
The law there is strict about foreigners and religious acts.
I get that, but were they even given a chance to explain?
Doesn’t sound like it. They were fined after a building inauguration prayer.
Just for praying? That's intense.
Yep. And they had to leave India shortly after.
It’s like Daniel and the lion's den.
True. Facing consequences for faith.
Still, we’re called to respect laws, unless they conflict with God’s.
Wait… should missionaries be preaching in India, then?
That's a good question.

Should Christians visit India to preach even if it's illegal to do so?

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Ending this one on a less-known quote:

Every moment of resistance to temptation is a victory.

- Frederick William Faber

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