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Have you seen the charts?! Bitcoin kissed $64,000 yesterday, teasing the all-time high of $68,789. Makes you wonder if you should’ve taken the crypto plunge, eh? But relax, my friend. We’ve got something that outshines even the shiniest coin. We’re rolling in the riches of God’s love, and that makes Bitcoin look like chump change!

In other news… we’ve got some corporate shenanigans baking in the oven. Let’s dig in!

Panera Politics

Did you catch this? California's got a new wage law, but Panera gets a pass.
Really? How?
A suspicious exemption to the rule. If a chain sells bread as a standalone item, they dodge the $20 minimum wage.
Wait… why does this rule even exist?
People are saying it's because Governor Newsom and Panera's owner go way back.
That seems... unfair. Especially to the workers.
Exactly. It's about who you know. This Panera franchisee, Flynn, saved a ton 'cause of it. Donated big to Newsom, too.
Ah, the tangled web of politics and business.
Flynn claims zero involvement in the exemption specifics though.
All these backdoor deals... reminds me of that passage, "For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils." 1 Tim 6:10
Deep, but true. Money's influence is mighty.

Hulu vs Church

Hulu pulled a fast one, blocked Hulen Street Church's ad. Called it "religious indoctrination."
That sounds harsh.
First Liberty Institute had to step in. Hulu's playing by rules not even in their book.
FLI? Who are they?
A law firm all about defending religious freedoms.
They demanded Hulu to let the ad run. Guess what? Hulu caved.
Wow, so the ad’s back on? That's a quick turnaround.
Exactly. Hulu did a 180.
Reminds me, Proverbs 21:15, justice being joy to the righteous.
Ha! You would slide in Proverbs. But ain't it the truth.
Justice, transparency, fairness. Reflects Kingdom values, even in ad policies.

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That’s a wrap for today. Let’s end with a curious quote:

The Christian’s motto should not be ‘Let go and let God’ but ‘Trust God and get going.’

- J. I. Packer

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