✝️ GOP Smackdown

What's this about Nikki's daughter using TikTok?

It’s almost Friday! Hang in there, I believe in you! If you need motivation, just put on some merry music to brighten the mood.

You monster, it’s not even December!

Trust me, Christmas music deserves to be played year-round. You know why people are always so angry on the internet? It’s because they’re jingle-deprived. Don’t worry though… here at High on Christ, we are developing the ultimate virus that’ll infect EVERY speaker in the world to play Winter Wonderland on permanent repeat.

It’s either that or I Can Sing Of Your Love Forever. On repeat. Forever.

Only a couple of catch-up conversations today:

  • GOP Smackdown

  • Will Disney+ Survive?

GOP Smackdown

Hey! Missed the GOP debate. What happened? Who's chasing Trump?
It was intense. Nikki Haley was in the hot seat. There was lots of back and forth, especially with Vivek Ramaswamy. He called her out on TikTok 'cause her daughter used it while she's against it.
Woah, personal much? What did Trump do?
Trump skipped the debate, holding his own rally. DeSantis and Haley were firing at Trump's debt increase and border wall, then debated over China ties. The national abortion ban came up too; Haley's pro-life but doesn't want a federal ban. Ramaswamy called the GOP "a party of losers". It’s like they were all cooking in the same kitchen but bickering over recipes!
And the people? What do they think?
Mixed feelings, bro. Haley's strong on the stage; DeSantis has new confidence, maybe 'cause of a recent endorsement. Not much love for Ramaswamy's personal attacks or Christie's quiet approach.
Such chaos! What's your Biblical take on this?
In Proverbs 15:1, it's written, "A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger." Seems to me, these debates need more gentle answers, my friend. That’s how we reflect Jesus in the public square, showing love and wisdom above all.

Will Disney+ Survive?

Hey, did you hear about Disney? They're slashing another $2 billion in costs.
Again? They're practically turning into Scrooge McDuck, but without the coins to swim in.
Not exactly. They're trying to make their streaming profitable. Disney+ isn't making money yet, even after a price hike.
So instead of a magic carpet, they're on a budget blanket?
Pretty much. And the theme parks are the only thing really shining, especially overseas. Domestically, not so much.
I guess Mickey's gotta tighten his belt. Any more job cuts?
They said no more layoffs, but thousands were already announced earlier. TV is struggling, except for ESPN.
How's all this affecting them overall?
Stocks were up after the news, and they're buying the rest of Hulu, so they still have some tricks up their sleeve.
Guess only time will tell how they do.
For sure. Disney+ will probably survive, but even if it doesn't, I guess all is vanity.

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