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Goodbye, gun permit

Short week ahead! I hope you’re as tickled as I am that Thanksgiving has the good manners to drop on a Thursday! That’s right, we are blessed with the gift of a tiny workweek coming up!

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  • Goodbye, gun permit.

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  • Ask. Me. ANYTHING.

Goodbye, gun permit

Vince Ricci and his family

Yo, you hear 'bout that Vince Ricci fella in LA? Had to blast at some punks tryin' to bust into his place while his family was inside.
No, I haven't. What happened?
Two goons jumped his fence. Pointed a gun at him. Vince was cool as ice though, smacked one with a hot tea and drew his own gun!
I hope everyone's okay. Are there repercussions for such criminals?
His house was a target before, man. LA's becoming a real wild west, but not just the criminals - the law’s failing the law-abiding folks too.
How so? The law allowed him to shoot back, right?
Bro, they stripped Ricci of his gun permit after the shoot-out. Said something about him yelling at cops. Left the dude and his 5-month-old practically defenseless in the neighborhood.
Seems like they'd rather go after a family man than the real bad guys.
It's a trying time. We must seek wisdom & justice, and remind those in power of their duty. Without righteousness in the law, society walks in darkness. Proverbs 29:4.

Win Stuff!!

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Here’s where things get fun.

I’m giving you a chance to ask me anything you want. Maybe you’re curious who you should vote for in the upcoming election. Or why the chicken crossed the road. Or perhaps you have a deep theological question. I might cheat and ask a few pastors to answer those for me.

I’ll start dropping these questions and my responses in emails next week!

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