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✝️ Elon sues, journalists killed, justice on edge

And our Xmas Gift Guide!

‘Tis the season! Every year, I bet you promise yourself, “Next Christmas, I’m going to be ready. Gifts bought, wrapped, and under the tree by December 1st!” I’m here to help you make that happen!

This treasure trove of thoughtful gifts will help you finally beat the Christmas rush. Let the snowy blessings begin!

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  • Elon sues, journalists killed, justice on edge

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Top Gifts for her

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These are the ideal presents for your mom, your sister, and that one special girl. This list radiates the aura of a cozy women's retreat and has as much femininity as a girl's night out. These Christmas gifts for women will save you the hassle.

Lazy Bundle

Not sure what to get her? Then shower her with ALL THE THINGS! She’s bound to find something she loves in this value bundle.

Grateful & Blessed Cups

This cup duo is perfect for girls with significant others. It will give her the perfect excuse to feed her coffee addiction!

Scripture Prayer Cards

These notes of grace will encourage her in both the good times and the bad. Perfect for the girl who loves the Word of God!

Elon sues, journalists killed, justice on edge

Elon Musk Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live

Image by SNL on Giphy

Hey! How'd your weekend getaway turn out?
Refreshing, my friend. Back to the grind now. What'd I miss in the world?
The world's a nonstop drama show, pal. You heard about Elon's little social media skirmish?
Do enlighten me.
That brainiac behind SpaceX and Tesla? His social media platform X is suing some watchdog called Media Matters. They pointed fingers at X for letting ads appear next to hate speech.
That does seem quite concerning.
Yeah, Media Matters cooked up a report showing big-name ads next to extremist crud. Musk’s response? A "thermonuclear lawsuit" coming up. Claims they’re trying to torpedo his ad deals.
What of the defendants?
Media Matters spits back, saying they’ve got truth on their side. Texas AG’s sniffin’ around them for possible fraud, too.
Interesting times. What's the latest with Hamas?
Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital was caught in the crossfire between Israel and Hamas.
Heart-wrenching to hear. Anything else in Gaza?
Over 50 journalists got killed since it flared up. Worst in decades, man. There's also this hubbub with Israeli hostages.
Prayers are with them. What’s the hostage situation?
Families are going toe-to-toe with Israeli hardliners. They’re scared, shouting for action while the authorities are pushing harsher laws.
The complexities of peacemaking amid strife. Now, what about United States domestic happenings?
Get this, Biden’s Justice Department's in hot water. They bagged a 75-year-old pro-life protester for a 2020 incident but done nothin' about recent violent anti-Israel protests at the DNC.
It appears equity in justice remains a point of contention.
Folks from both sides of the aisle are spittin' fire, claiming bias. They want the DOJ to swing evenly, no matter which side you're on.
Appreciate the update. Reminds me, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God." That truth stands regardless of the headlines.

Top Gifts for him

Tap to see the full list!

These are the perfect gifts for your dad, your brother, and the boy who “is like a brother to you.” This list has the vibe of a wild man-cave hangout and has as much testosterone as a UFC fight night. These Christmas gifts for men will save you time.

Soul Statement Bracelet

Is he brave enough to wear his faith on his wrist? There’s only one way to find out. Test his manliness with this quality band.

It’s Not a Diary, It’s a Journal

Help him collect his thoughts in this diar… man journal. Straight from Divinity Boutique, this is finely crafted and laced with manliness.

Help Men Start Conversations

Let’s face it. Men aren’t great talkers. They just sit in a line, watch sports, and grunt at each other. Help a brother out with 200 Conversation Starters!

Free stuff?!

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The contest: refer the most friends to High on Christ this month to win a free copy of the game! Available for US residents only.

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