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Goodbye, museum.

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Alright, rockstars of faith, listen up and listen good! Our man Jeremy Camp's taking his tunes and his testimony on the road, tour-bound. And let me tell ya—after his successful heart surgery, the dude is pumped with more of the Holy Ghost than ever! We're talking a faith-fueled extravaganza that's gonna get your hearts racing (safely, of course). Get ready to hit those pews like it's the front row at a comeback concert.

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Elon Gets Grilled

Meh Elon Musk GIF by MOODMAN
Elon Musk got into a spicy interview with Don Lemon.
Oh? I’ve been in the lab all day. What happened?
Lemon grilled Musk on his X (formerly Twitter) platform about hate speech, Musk’s drugs use, and his cozy breakfast with Trump.
Musk and Trump had breakfast together? That’s an odd combo.
You bet. Musk played it cool, said he just happened to be at a friend's place where Trump showed up.
Wait… what's this about Musk using drugs?
He claims to take ketamine only for depression, not recreational use.
Interesting. And how did Musk handle the heat on hate speech?
Says he doesn’t remove hate speech unless it’s illegal.
"Moderation is a propaganda word for censorship,” he says.
He's probably referring to Google's recent censorship blowup, huh?
Maybe. Musk's not about silencing voices, even the distasteful ones, unless they cross the legal line.
This all sounds pretty contentious. How did Lemon respond?
Pushed back hard. But Musk stood his ground, emphasizing free speech and how bad content isn’t promoted or deleted.
Musk’s vision for X seems like a digital town square, welcoming all, even if it means less profit.
It's challenging, allowing free speech, because haters gonna hate.
Reminds me, "So speak and so act as those who are to be judged under the law of liberty." James 2:12 ESV.
Amen. We'll be beacons of light, even on social media!

Goodbye, museum.

Did you hear the museum, Faith & Liberty Discovery Center, is closing?
No, I hadn't. That's quite surprising. What happened?
It cost $60M to open in Philadelphia in 2021 but couldn't sustain operations. Closing April 1.
That's a huge investment. Why couldn't it sustain?
Struggled from the start. Only $54K in ticket sales first year with $11M in expenses. COVID didn't help either.
That's heartbreaking. Was its mission not compelling enough?
Its mission was to educate on Christianity's impact on America. Had unique interactive exhibits. Just couldn't draw enough visitors.
It sounds like a place of deep learning. How are they moving forward?
Planning a digital format for content. They believe in reimagining their future to continue their mission.
I appreciate their resilience. Adaptation is key in stewardship. "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." - Matthew 6:21
Absolutely. Their commitment to sharing Scripture's importance remains strong, even in changing formats.

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Joy is the serious business of heaven.

- C.S. Lewis

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