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Christian OnlyFails

35 year old mother pisses off parents at Liberty Christian Prepatory School in Tamares, Florida with an OnlyFans decal. Youtube capture, WPLG Local 10.

Hey, got a wild one from Florida. A mom's car decal for her OnlyFans is causing a ruckus at a Christian school.
OnlyFans? A naughty sticker at a Christian school?
Yep, she's raking in $20K a month and doesn't see the issue. The school's about to have a meltdown.
That's... wow. How are the parents reacting?
Half want her booted for the poor influence. The sticker's huge, right on her SUV's windshield.
Can't they just ask her to remove it?
They did. She's playing the "providing for my family" card hard. Says it's all legal.
I just legit facepalmed. Does she have no shame?
Nope. It's a real piss-poor example of parenting.
1 Cor 6:18 tells us to flee sexual immorality. She's literally running at it.
Right? Like, have a little perspective on how it damages the community.
Exactly. It's about living in a way that builds up, not tears down. Sounds like a lesson she's missing.
She should have 1 Cor 10:24 on her car instead. "Let no one seek his own good, but the good of his neighbor."
Couldn't agree more. Something's misfiring in her brain.

Christians in Politics?

Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer, paid with his life for speaking up against Hitler.

Radio host Eric Metaxas calls for Christians to stand against evil, akin to Bonhoeffer's stance against Nazism.
But isn't mixing faith and politics tricky? What about separation of church and state?
True, but Metaxas argues for active faith in the public square. "Faith without works is dead."
I get that, but can't we engage without always invoking the Bible?
Yes, yet Metaxas fears silence allows evil to flourish, urging action not just belief.
There's a line though, right? Pushing too hard could backfire.
He warns against passivity leading to judgment, reminiscent of the church’s failure in Nazi Germany.
Still, how do we ensure we don't cross into imposing our beliefs?
By embodying Christ's love, standing against inhuman, cruel worldviews without alienating others.
Guess there's wisdom in navigating this carefully but boldly.
Exactly. It's combating evil with love, not just for one's circle but universally.
Hmm, maybe it's about balance. Acting justly, loving mercy; humbly with God. Micah 6:8, right?
Precisely. It's that divine balance between action and faithfulness.
Need to ponder more on this.

Your life as a Christian should make non-believers question their disbelief in God.

- Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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