✝️ Casual Friday - Paul name change?!?!?!?

You've been lied to.

We made it. The weekend is shining upon us as God shined upon Saul. With any luck, you won’t go blind.

If you’re new to High on Christ, our Friday emails are extra short. Today’s docket:

  • Referral contest!

  • Paul’s name change?!?!?!

  • Quick news update

Referral contest!

This coming week, the person who refers the most active readers to High on Christ will get a free copy of Cards Christians Like! I’m literally going to buy a copy and ship it to the winner.

The contest starts now. See below.

Paul’s name change?!?!?!

A surprisingly large number of Christians are taught that Saul’s name changed. We sit in Sunday school and listen to a lie - that God divinely changed Saul’s name to Paul.

Check your Bibles. Nowhere are we told that Saul underwent a name change. Simply put, Saul was his Hebrew name, and Paul was his Roman name. His Roman moniker likely helped in his missionary efforts.

If you already knew this, here’s a high five  

Quick news update

Props if you can identify the chatting individuals!

Heard your new flick is as disappointing as the high ground was for me on Mustafar.
Ouch, low blow. But yeah, we're struggling to make a dent. Cost $250m but might only hit $75m-$80m this weekend. They're calling it Marvel's flop.
Scripting issues led to four weeks of reshoots. Critics are yawning.
And with the charges against the actor who plays Kang, their future plans seem unstable.
Speaking of chaos, the fighting in northern Gaza is taking a pause. The White House confirmed Israel's agreeing to four-hour daily humanitarian breaks.
I heard Biden criticized Netanyahu, said the pauses should've come sooner.
Even so, there's no sign of a full ceasefire. Just fleeting moments of respite.
At least they're trying something. Wish we could see such a turnaround in Marvel's script choices.
True. In the meantime, stick to saving the universe in the comics, rookie.
Right. And maybe leave out that tragic "Noooooo!" next time you lose, veteran.

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