✝️ Battle of the Titans

Biden vs Xi, Apple vs Google

Manna’s falling from above! Did you hear about Chick-fil-A taking their deliveries to the sky? The East Brandon/Valrico restaurant has begun dropping meals by drone, and the people love it! Customers have said their beefless feasts have arrived warm and toasty. If drone-delivered meals don’t arrive in my area soon, I’m gonna riot.

Topics on today’s menu:

  • Biden vs Xi

  • Spread the News!

  • Apple vs Google

Biden vs Xi

Joe Biden Reaction GIF
Yo, did you catch that Biden called Xi a 'dictator' again?
Oh really? In what context?
At the big meet-up in San Fran, man. Biden laid it out straight - Xi runs a commie country, quite the opposite of ours.
Fascinating. Did this influence their discussions?
Well, seems like the summit still went on. They chewed over fentanyl and military talks.
I see. What’s the word on China and Taiwan?
China’s unyielding, says they're gonna unify with Taiwan and that's non-negotiable.
And Biden’s stance?
He held to the 'One China' policy but was mum on Taiwan directly. Tricky tightrope.
Indeed. A delicate balance to maintain peace.
In Matthew 5:9, Jesus declared, "Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God." As Christians, we should pray for wisdom for our leaders and peace among nations, especially in these precarious negotiations.

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Apple vs Google

Safari Icon in 3D. Feel free to contact me through email mariia@shalabaieva.com
Did you hear about Google's court case? It's revealed they pay Apple 36% of Safari search revenue!
No, I hadn't. That's a significant amount! How does that compare to Android manufacturers?
It's a big difference. Android OEMs only get 12% from search revenue. The discrepancy is huge.
Why would Google agree to pay Apple so much more?
Google is concerned about Apple's influence. Remember when Apple Maps replaced Google Maps? It resulted in a 60% traffic drop for Google.
It sounds like they're trying to avoid Apple switching away from Google search.
Right, and since Apple users tend to be more affluent, they're valuable for ad clicks.
How do the Android deals work?
Depending on the "Googley-ness" of the phone, OEMs get different revenue shares. Motorola, LG, and HMD were part of this so-called Premier Device Program.
And Samsung?
They have a separate deal, something like $8 billion over four years. It's not clear how it compares on a per-search basis though.
With this out in the open, the next round of negotiations with Android partners will be interesting, to say the least.
Indeed. Reflecting on this, it highlights the importance of stewardship. In Luke 16:10, Jesus teaches about being faithful in little and much. Whether a business or an individual, our integrity in financial dealings matters to God.
True. We should strive for these in all areas of life.

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