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The Iron Lung

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Is the dollar becoming worthless? Seems like our beloved bargain spot Dollar Tree might be taking a walk through the valley of the shadow of death. Thanks to inflation, they’re closing up about a thousand shops. So, grab those penny-pinching party favors while they last, and remember, the real wealth ain’t in the wallet—it’s in the Word.

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AI Creates AI

Ever heard of Devin? It's shaking up the coding world big time.
Devin? Like a person? I'm totally lost.
Nope, it's the newest AI out there. Built by Cognition Labs.
Thinks, plans, codes like a team of engineers.
AI that writes code? That sounds... complicated.
It’s beyond that. Devin can spawn its own AI minions for tasks. AInception!
AI creating AI? Sounds like we're stepping into sci-fi territory.
We're way past stepping. It's happening.
Devin's resolving issues at triple the rate of its closest competitors.
What does that mean for actual software engineers?
The goal is to assist, not replace. But it raises questions on where human engineers fit in the puzzle.
So, where's the line? What about the jobs it threatens?
The fear is real. We must adapt and find new ways to contribute.
Guess our hope shouldn't be in our vocation, huh?
Exactly. Psalm 146:5, "Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord his God."
It's about where we place our hope. Technology changes, but our value and purpose through faith remain constant.
True. Thanks for the perspective. Let’s be navigators of change, not victims to it.

The Iron Lung

Heard of Paul Alexander? Lived 72 yrs in an iron lung.
Iron lung? Sounds medieval.
It's a ventilator. Polio paralyzed him at 6, before the vaccine.
Died last Monday.
That's tragic. How did he cope all those years?
Remarkably. Painted with his mouth, even got a law degree.
How did he manage intellectually and emotionally?
Focused on purpose. Said his parents' love reminded him of God's love.
Ah, to see the invisible attributes of God in love! Romans 1:20.
He defied odds He even learned "glossopharyngeal breathing" to live outside the lung.
That sounds… intense.
For a puppy, no less. When he was younger, his therapist promised him a puppy if he could breathe outside the ventilator for 3 mins.
I wish I had that much motivation!
Indeed. He left a legacy, inspiring many even in his constrained state.
A testimony to finding purpose and peace in God, regardless of our "iron lungs".

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