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Death of a bridge

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Well hello there, my Easter-celebratin' flock! Some bigwig chains are locking up their doors tighter than a tomb on Easter, giving their hard-working troops a holiday break. That's right, power players like Target and TJX are saying, "Take a load off, kiddos!" Meanwhile, you've got Walmart marching to their own drumbeat, stayin' wide open. So before you go on that last-minute Easter egg dash, check who's in or out.

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Actual Mind Control


Hey! Heard about Neuralink's latest? Noland Arbaugh's playing Mario Kart just by THINKING!
Neuralink? That Musk venture? Please explain this sorcery.
Yep, that's the one. Elon Musk's company implanted a brain chip in Arbaugh, making him control the game with his mind.
And Arbaugh? Who’s he?
He's a 29-year-old who became quadriplegic from a diving accident.
This tech's given him a new way to interact with the world.
Is it limited to gaming?
It might help people regain function of their limbs one day!
And it’s not the first tech to connect brains to computers, but it's wireless.
That's a game changer.
There's controversy over animal testing, though.
Thinking back to Genesis 1, we have dominion over animals.
We just have to be sure not to abuse them.
Exactly. Arbaugh's story brings hope, but it's only prudent to understand fully and weigh the ethics of our advancements.
Indeed. We have responsibility to all of God's creation.

Bridge Disaster

Hey, did you hear about the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse in Maryland?
No, what happened?
Earlier today, a cargo ship hit the bridge, causing it to fall into the Baltimore harbor.
That's awful. Were there people on the bridge?
Yes, several vehicles were caught on it. At least 20 are believed to be in the water. They've already pulled a couple of people out.
How's the search going?
Divers and rescue teams are looking for around seven people, but that number could change. It's critical with the water temperature at 48°F.
Any idea what caused the ship to hit it?
The footage suggests a power failure on the vessel might be the cause. The Singapore-flagged ship caught fire before it sank.
What's being done now?
Maryland declared a state of emergency. The White House is monitoring, offering federal assistance. Traffic's being diverted away from I-695.
That’s a major disruption, especially for a port city like Baltimore.
Exactly. The port handles tons of cargo. This will impact trade significantly.
It's a reminder of our vulnerabilities. "The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps." Proverbs 16:9
True. Amid this tragedy, it's a call to trust in His plans above our own.

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Let’s wrap up today’s newsletter with a joyful quote:

How do we bring glory to God? The Bible’s short answer is: by growing more and more like Jesus Christ.

- Sinclair B. Ferguson

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